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One on One: Dalia Grybauskaite (ENG)


On May 19, LTV broadcast a full-length interview with Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite by LTV's Gundars Reders. In a fascinating — and sometimes bumpy — series of exchanges, the Lithuanian leader talks about her past, her style of leadership and the threat of Russia before a surprise ending (25:56) to proceedings.

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Paulius Landsbergis

anyone can translate latvian intro the journalist talked in the video? Thanks.
Marina Kulcinskaja
Strange to hear this from our only brothers. We, Lithuanians, always give Latvia support and do not criticize them in public.
Marina Kulcinskaja
Strange to hera that from brothers! We, Lithuanians, always give support to our only brothers and never criticize them in public.
The topic of this interview - as I saw it in the beginning and middle - was the safety of Baltic states. Grybauskaite fears immigrants from Africa, mentions beheadings of homosexuals by Islamic State, suddenly Reders uses that one word to get on the topic of same-sex legalized partnership... Why? No, really - why? Does legal regulation of sexual freedom make Baltic states more safe?
I am not an expert in English nor behavior, but some expressions of the interviewer were very disrespectful. For example, "You see any strong leadership now?" - is this the No1 question you ask to the strong leader? The only strong leader Baltic states have, actually. Really inspiring.
Also, Reders wanted to discuss Zolitude tragedy in this interview - why? Yes, it is painful for us, but Lithuania didn't build that supermarket! It wasn't Lithuania who tried to make children playground on that roof! What lessons does Reders think Lithuania as a country had to learn?
The disappointment of Mrs President
Elvijs Kukša
Obviously he asked question about Maxima, because Grybauskaite had mentioned befora that Lithuania will hopefully learn some lessons from that tragedy as well:
http://www.tvnet.lv/zinas/arvalstis/48 8763-gribauskaite_cer_ka_ari_lietuva_macisies_ no_maxima_tragedijas

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