About Latvian Television

About Latvian Television

First broadcast in 1954, Latvian Television (LTV) is responsible and independent public service media which aims to inspire, inform, educate, and entertain. LTV has been a member of the European Broadcasting Union since 1 January 1993.

Latvian Television is overseen by the Council for Public Electronic Media. Since 2021, Latvian public service media has operated outside the advertising market.

LTV produces diverse, high-quality content pertinent to broad public interest, available on its linear channels – LTV1 and LTV7 – alongside digital platforms. LTV aims to fortify the sense of belonging to Latvia, foster interest in current events, encourage critical thinking, bolster democracy and freedom of expression, and preserve the Latvian language and national culture. LTV actively participates in all significant societal events, providing comprehensive coverage and safeguarding Latvia’s freedom, the rule of law, and democratic values. The slogan “Latvian Television is always with you!” encapsulates this commitment.

LTV1 broadcasts a range of content including news, analytical and investigative programmes, cultural events, children’s content, entertainment and sports. In 2021 and 2022, LTV1 was the most-watched channel in Latvia. Meanwhile, LTV7’s focus is on sports, documentaries, films, and lifestyle programmes.

A diverse range of television, radio and textual content from LTV and Latvian Radio is provided via the LSM web portal. LSM produces ethical and fact-based material, serving as a trusted source of information for all users. The portal primarily focuses on socio-political news and analysis while also including content on lifestyle, culture, and various other topics.

VisiemLTV.lv, launched in 2017, is Latvian Television’s online channel broadcasting a selection of programmes from LTV1 and LTV7, as well as material from the LTV archive, online to an international audience.

REplay.lv is a platform offering live and on-demand content from LTV and Latvian Radio.

LSM Bērnistaba is a secure and creative environment designed for pre-school children. Offering a range of engaging and developmental activities, including games, films, experiments, drawing exercises and bedtime stories, LSM Bērnistaba aids parents in nurturing happy, intelligent, and curious children. The platform also offers parent-centric content on the LSM.lv portal, addressing educational and parenting topics, and presenting practical, creative, and musical ideas for families and children.

The content platform +AUDZIS caters to teenagers aged 9 to 14, providing them with accessible resources to explore themselves and the world around them. Available through popular platforms for teenagers like YouTube (@ltv_plusaudzis) and TikTok (@ltv_plusaudzis), +AUDZIS delivers content discussing topics relevant and of interest to young people in a language that is easy to understand. It serves as an adventurous friend, offering trustworthy advice, moments of laughter, exploration of the world, and self-discovery.

16+ exists as an experimental LTV content platform targeting young audiences who no longer rely on traditional TV content consumption. Launched in 2018, its inaugural project was the TV series “16+”. Young audiences have also embraced entertaining and educational shows like “Kitchen without Cabbage,” “Stay Negative,” and “Framed.” Games, shows, and other youth-centric content are available across the 16+ YouTube (@LTV_16plus), Instagram (@ltv_16plus), and TikTok (@ltv_16plus) accounts.